Career Coaching

Courageous Impact helps people reach career goals faster with group and individualized programs. Find a new job, advance at your current organization, become a better leader or simply enjoy your career more. Attend a Career Action Lab to make progress with a group, or work one-on-one with world champion athlete and certified coach Arthur Coddington.
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Reach Your Personal Goals Faster

Courageous Impact helps people accelerate progress toward personal goals like finishing a creative work, performing well at a sports competition, strengthening family and friend relationships or even losing weight. Attend a Action Lab for Personal Goals to make progress with a group, or work one-on-one with world champion athlete and certified coach Arthur Coddington.
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What Clients Say

Executive Coaching from Courageous Impact was integral to my successful transition from the public sector back to the private sector. Only a few months of work raised my game. My coach’s uncompromising insistence that I see the full impact of my accomplishments expanded my confidence. I became a more assertive advocate for myself and found greater resiliency in stressful situations. Courageous Impact helped me craft the winning mindset I used during my professional transition and which I continue to use as a leader in the government technology space.


Business Development at a global technology company

Courageous Impact delivers real solutions with unconventional creativity and wisdom. They support you in a fresh and inviting atmosphere that encourages stretching past your own boundaries. My Courageous Impact experience left me ready to integrate their no nonsense approach into my daily life. The workshop had a lasting impact and helped me take my professional performance to the next level.

Gabriela Buich


Courageous Impact has been a tremendous ally and asset to me in my career growth. Our work allowed me to build on my professional success and access new levels of effectiveness and influence. It was a catalyst to finding clarity on my career direction and identifying strategies to chart that path with my supervisor and co-workers.


Vice President at a leading scientific research organization

I had the pleasure of attending Courageous Impact’s workshop on introverted leadership. The workshop provided me with a much better understanding of how introverts interact and process information, and gave me a new perspective on introverts and their leadership skills. While I am not an introvert, I came away from this workshop with a much deeper appreciation of my introverted colleagues and practical ways we can achieve our goals more effectively together. The hosts shared their expertise in an approachable, thoughtful, and engaging way.

Lisa Hunrichs

World Champion Athlete


Goal Acceleration

Progress toward our goals can slow and get stale without regular doses of outside support. Surround yourself with a structure of accountability, idea generation and networking to move you toward your goals with increasing velocity.

Executive Coaching

Every leader needs a trusted ally to stay focused and innovative. Executive coaching by Courageous Impact gives you a platform for longterm growth and short-term troubleshooting.

Leadership Training

Leadership today is a far cry from the old FOLLOW ME NOW approach. Identify your signature strengths and create an unforgettable, authentic and effective leadership style. We are especially passionate about unleashing the effective and under-appreciated leadership of introverted individuals.

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Courageous Impact Creates Bold Leaders

Courageous Impact believes lasting impact comes from an agile, creative and courageous mindset. We work with individuals and teams to cultivate their bold and authentic leadership because our communities, our nations and our planet cannot afford anyone to stand on the sidelines.