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"The Power and Impact of Courageous Changemakers: Stories of Life, Love, and Business"

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What does it mean to have Courageous Impact?

Regardless of whatever issues or challenges you face in your journey, you're ready to create positive change and impact on the world around you.

Meet the Founders of Courageous Impact:
Donna DiDomenico & Sue Shalley

Authentic, inclusive, forward thinking, passionate – words commonly used to define Donna DiDomenico. These are also words Donna lives by and models daily. Donna is an amazing leader of leaders, uniting and inspiring people to achieve incredible goals. Her broad and diverse background was established holding strategic, executive leadership roles in a variety of businesses and industries. Her experience enables her to see new possibilities and helps leaders “connect the dots” for new areas of growth and opportunity.

Mother of a daughter with special abilities, Donna has learned through her daughter the importance of encouraging leaders to achieve success by doing the right thing, offering kindness and respect to everyone, being gracious, and uniting people to achieve incredible goals. Diverse opinions are valued by Donna, as she believes it is the path to positive and inclusive change.

As the “Voice” of the BoardRoom, Donna creates a connection with her visionary council, The BoardRoom, to channel advice and guidance to inspired changemakers of our future. The BoardRoom is comprised of the greatest and most influential innovators, inventors, and leaders of our times. The BoardRoom shares divine wisdom and knowledge to influence significant, positive change in our future. Messages of The BoardRoom are personalized to their audience, urging leaders to make a difference in the future.

Sue Shalley is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses and sell their products and services with confidence. 

She has a proven track record in business development and marketing.  She has created ventures from the ground up, most recently a multi-million-dollar business whose clients are Fortune 100 companies.  An earlier endeavor was to build and operate a catering business whose delectable offerings were all made from scratch.  

Sue is an insightful coach and has developed a sales process based on the acronym CLASSY. It illuminates successful sales strategies. Her coaching incorporates how living in the energy of gratitude and joyful expectancy brings prosperity and more of the things you love and desire.  They also include recipes which are metaphors of how to entice and connect with potential clients.


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Alyssa DiDomenico

An intuitive creator with Asperger Syndrome, crafts custom jewelry. She shares her life with parents, Anthony and Donna, along with two canine companions, Cooper, her intuitive sidekick, and Bella, who bosses everyone. Her unique perspective on the world shapes her creative journey. Her happy place is the beach.

Barry Auchettl

Known as The Blockbuster. As an international keynote speaker, he has spoken in ten countries. He is founder of Light Body Alignment, chief vision officer of The Vision School, creator of Conversations: An Inspirational Game, multiple bestselling authors, and principal player and producer in the movie Vision 2020: From Eyesight to Insight.

Benjamin Sims

Is a visionary HR leader shaping tomorrow's workforce using a dynamic, solution-oriented approach with innovative strategies that invigorate organizations, propelling them toward unprecedented growth and effectiveness. Benjamin is not just an inspiring leader but also a tireless advocate for employee engagement and a passionate contributor to the community.

Christy Modita Engels

Is a retired attorney and educator. She is a teller of inspirational stories, a singer of sacred songs, and a visual artist. She has a diverse background as a storyteller, singer, dancer, writer, educator, artist, musician, minister, attorney, and mediator.

Donna DiDomenico

Is the owner of Be the Difference, which redefines leadership for current and future leaders. She offers a unique, intuitive approach to shift from command and control to inclusive, authentic leadership. Donna cherishes life with her husband, Anthony, their daughter, Alyssa, and their two inspiring dogs, Cooper and Bella.

Elaine Chung 

Is the best-selling author of Start Chasing Nothing and co-author of You Lead You. An award-winning speaker, she has presents workshops on personal and leadership development, and er uplifting message of hope and positivity helps individuals and groups lead themselves with inner conviction and outward confidence.

Jaelee Richardson  

Is an investor and entrepreneur who got her start in sales and transitioned into residential real estate, where she’s been proudly serving clients for the last twenty years. Jaelee is a lifelong student of personal development and finds great purpose in making a difference in the lives of others as a mother, a realtor and through her writing.

Kurt Rossi

Kurt Rossi, LPL Financial Member FINRA/SIPC, is the owner of Independent Wealth Management, a financial planning team dedicated to helping people uncover the meaning of true wealth in their lives. He enjoys life with his wife, Lauren, their three children, Kurt Jr., Camryn, and Aubrey, and spending time outdoors.

Nancy Turner

A seasoned consultant and leadership coach, has trusted her intuition as well as knowledge and experience while navigating Fortune 500 giants and honing her instincts through life's twists. With wisdom from her journey, she guides leaders on their own life transitions. From the heartland of Wisconsin to the captivating Oregon Coast, Nancy's story inspires.

Sarina Arcari

Sarina and her multi-lifetime partner, Barry McFarlane, are co-founders of The O Positive Way. Together, they share lessons on walking the path toward elevating your personal vibration, calling in the love and life you desire, and co-creating conscious union with a divine counterpart. Visit The O+Positive Way website to join their heart-guided community.

Sue Shalley

Passionate entrepreneur Sue Shalley, with a thriving business development and marketing track record, founded a multi-million-dollar venture for Fortune 100 clients. As an insightful coach, she employs the CLASSY sales process, emphasizing prosperity through a “more please with ease” mindset, abundant gratitude, and joyful expectancy for entrepreneurs seeking fulfillment and success.

Dr. Tiffany Noelle Brown

Dr. Tiffany Noelle Brown, PhD, is a world-renowned interactive speaker and trainer, bestselling author, and founder of Nurturing Youth Leaders. Her work focuses on expanding the application of what it means to be a leader based on six key areas: cape-ABILITIES, wisdom, well-being, passions, belonging, and leadership.

Anela Arcari

is a combat engineer veteran with twenty-eight years of service turned intuitive, mystical coach. An Amazon bestselling contributing author and executive producer, Anela’s innate gifts elicit the best transformation for her clients. Anela lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is a National Certified Counselor (NCC).

Barry McFarlane

Barry and his multi-lifetime partner, Sarina Arcari, are co-founders of The O Positive Way. Together, they share lessons on walking the path toward elevating your personal vibration, calling in the love and life you desire, and co-creating conscious union with a divine counterpart. Visit The O+Positive Way website to join their heart-guided community.

CaS Facciponti

Is a West Point graduate and retired US Army officer. She is the founder of Alpaca Your Trauma, a nonprofit that uses ecotherapy to support the healing of Veterans and their families. CaS was named a Department of Veterans Affairs Women Trailblazer (2021). Currently, CaS is pursuing a PhD in Performance Psychology.

Debra Poneman

The founder of Yes to Success, Inc., Debra Poneman, is a bestselling author and internationally renowned success and anti-aging expert. Since 1981, she’s empowered hundreds of thousands to live their dreams by providing a system for creating financial abundance, true inner and outer success, and the radiant health to support it.

Denise Sutter

An energetic artist and intuitive healer, thrives with her husband, Scott, her grown children, Alex, Max, Jackson, Nicky, and her beloved grandson, Daniel. Her battle with anxiety fuels her passion for sharing hope through her art and story, inspiring others to find the courage to heal and grow.

Gina Urzi

CEO of True Aim Coaching Group, draws on her Phoenix-rising journey to ignite. hope and facilitate growth in individuals, teams, and companies. She cultivates strong work cultures and high-performing teams deeply connected in trust. Beyond her transformative work, Gina enjoys time with her two children and being in nature.

Jennifer Butler

is the leading expert in the sociology of style and color. She develops style and color palettes that reveal the essence of an individual’s personality and allow them to powerfully, authentically, and effectively express themselves. Her clients range from CEOs and business executives to celebrities, artists, and community leaders.

Nanci Deutsch

With more than thirty years of experience, Nanci Deutsch, LCSW, CHt, guides individuals to their best selves. She has developed The Intuition Advantage System and hosts the Inspired and Empowered Living TV show. Nanci uniquely combines her counseling, coaching, and intuitive abilities to transform lives through training programs, groups, and individual work.

Safire Rose

Safire Rose, MA, JD, is a poet, author, teacher of timeless wisdom, and interspiritual minister ordained by Agape International Spiritual Center and Centers for Spiritual Living. She is best known for her poem “She Let Go.” Visit her website to learn about her upcoming book of poetry and free gift.

Shahriar A. Nabizadeh

Shahriar A. Nabizadeh, MD, is a healer, mentor, visionary, and health strategist for patients seeking radical, whole-person transformation. He encourages patients to take responsibility for their health and inspires them to be courageous. Shahriar shares his life with his wife, Veronica, daughter Kara, and their two dogs, William and Mary.

Susan Sisk

Is a finance executive and transformational life coach. Her superpowers include making deep connections with others and helping them to live an authentic life. A lifelong learner, she has numerous certifications in coaching and other transformational tools. Susan loves to play pickleball with her husband and spend time with her family—especially her grandchildren!

Veronica L. Nabizadeh

Veronica L. Nabizadeh, Esq., owner of Relationship Restart, helps battle-weary wives with children who face marital challenges when their husbands resist going to therapy. Her experience navigating marital challenges fuels her passion and gives courage to others. Veronica shares her life with her husband, Shahriar, and Kara, their wise, old-soul daughter.

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