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Ambitious Goals: Achieved

Courageous Impact believes lasting impact comes from an agile, creative and courageous mindset. Through career and personal coaching, we help people accelerate progress toward ambitious goals in their professional and personal lives.


Insights from a World Champion Perspective

Courageous Impact was founded by Arthur Coddington, a 16-time world champion athlete with a corporate and nonprofit leadership background. Arthur’s champion perspective has given Courageous Impact a unique take on success, reinvention and the pursuit of the impossible.


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About Arthur Coddington

Arthur Coddington, a speaker and author, is a 16-time world champion athlete in Frisbee Freestyle and the founder of Courageous Impact. His champion perspective helps community and business leaders reinvent the way they achieve their goals.


Featured on ESPN, Eurosport and Fox Sports, Arthur offers a unique view on success informed by twenty years at the top of his sport.


Beyond the playing field, Arthur has earned a psychology degree from Princeton University, led the iconic Frisbee, Hacky Sack and Hula Hoop brands and directed Craigslist Foundation’s technology initiatives.