Action Labs by Courageous Impact

Action Labs by Courageous Impact are about goal acceleration. They are focused, facilitated coaching meetups of 4-6 people who want to build momentum toward important goals. Through an Action Lab, you build velocity toward the achievements that matter to you.

Choose an Action Lab Focused on Your Priorities

Action Labs come in two flavors: career and personal.

Career Action Labs are focused on helping members achieve career goals and breakthroughs.

Personal Action Labs focus on helping members achieve goals in their personal life – things like developing a creative work, performing well at a sports competition, strengthening family and friend relationships or even losing weight.

We Succeed By Working Together

Action Labs are designed to give you teams that support your success. The work of countless others is behind all of our success stories – our family and friends, our business partners and staff and even society’s very infrastructure. We succeed faster and more profoundly with the help of others.

Try an Action Lab if you would benefit from:


Even the most self-motivated among us benefits from accountability. Promising yourself that you will reach a weekly goal may work, but promising five other people that you will work toward a target, on a deadline, can be much more powerful motivation.


Action labs keep you connected to your clear vision of the goal you are taking on. Life pulls at us and takes us away from our priorities. Your group will help you stay focused and identify which sacrifices are needed for victory.

Accelerating Progress

We are all capable of achieving the extraordinary. Those who surround themselves with an all-star support team do it more quickly. When your momentum lags, your group can help you kickstart your progress. When you are feeling great about your progress, your group can help you accelerate your momentum.

Agile Problem Solving

Your Action Lab can help you untangle the confusion that comes with bold goals. Not sure what to do next? Your group can partner with you to call out the most important next steps.

Recharging and Courage

Participating in Action Labs is invigorating. As we pursue our goal, we have setbacks and can get fatigued and fuzzy about the big picture. Action groups nourish your enthusiasm and help you find renewed inspiration and courage to move forward.

Seeing Impact

We impress people every day without knowing it. In taking on a big challenge, it’s important to stay connected to our progress. Your group will see your achievements, celebrate them with you, then help you build toward even bigger milestones.


Even a well-planned idea has blind spots. Your group can elevate your ideas by being a sounding board, alerting you to red flags and noticing off-your-radar perspectives that improve your chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(updated 4/3/2017)

How does it work?

Every Action Lab session has four elements:

1. Check-In. Everyone gives a short update on what they’ve been up to leading into the session. What’s worked and what hasn’t.

2. Coaching. Arthur Coddington coaches each group member on the area where they want help.

3. Support. Having observed Arthur’s coaching, the group builds on it and offers support (new questions, ideas, challenges, accountability) to move things forward.

4. Commitment. Each group member leaves with an action plan.

How often do Action Labs meet?

Action Labs are scheduled regularly and are hosted on a drop-in basis. Sign up for a session when you could use a boost. For some, that will be every week. For others, it might be once every few months.

Where do Action Lab groups meet?

All meetings are on group video to maximize geographic availability and minimize travel time.

Will I meet with the same people every time?

Not necessarily. Because sessions are drop-in, it means you will likely get new perspectives every time and expand the scope of your support system. If your group has an undeniable chemistry and you would like to stay together, we can make that happen.

So I’m going to be telling my problems to strangers?

That’s one way of looking at it. Another is that you are asking for help from people who have shown up to help you. Confidentiality is built into Action Labs so the only remaining question is: how vulnerable are you willing to be in order to get where you want to go?

How long are action group meetings?

Approximately 60-90 minutes

How do I sign up?

Explore the list of upcoming Action Labs and reserve your spot. While this program is being tested, Action Lab sessions are free.

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