Courageous Impact is ready to take you and your team past what you thought was possible through trainings, workshops and one-on-one intensives. Let’s design a custom program that achieves your unique needs. Explore the core components we already offer.

Leadership Training

Bold leadership is compelling, not bombastic. It is full of real emotion – yes, including uncertainty and fears – and it is bolstered by a commitment to courage. Bold leadership is willing to set aside assumptions about the way things are and creatively take on the impossible in order to create impact that matters. Bold leadership gets clear about priorities and stays agile in case needs change. Courageous Impact’s leadership training programs guide individuals and teams toward these ideals, inspire clarity of purpose and support the development of the skills needed to achieve remarkable goals.

Courageous Impact believes introverted leadership is one of the greatest hidden assets of any organization. Some of the most effective leaders of the last century were quiet leaders. Up to fifty percent of your team are introverted. Are you using their leadership capabilities fully or are you walking away from the deep relationships, strong teams and additional profits they can create? Courageous Impact unleashes the compelling leadership of introverts. We identify unique and overlooked leadership traits, bust myths about what introversion is and train each leader on bringing those skills more fully to their professional life. It doesn’t end there. The true value of introversion is collaboration across the full introvert/extrovert scale. We also work with managers, colleagues and direct reports so the entire staff can actively shape an organization’s success.

High Performance Mindset

The difference between victory and defeat is often mindset. Gifted, well-trained athletes are outplayed every day by underdogs with a superior mindset. Companies with great ideas are overtaken in the market by others with the mindset to connect the idea with the public. Courageous Impact’s mindset training starts with the learnings from founder Arthur Coddington’s twenty years at the top of his sport and adds research findings from psychology, neuroscience and athletics.

Executive Coaching

Every leader needs a trusted ally to stay focused and innovative. It’s not enough to lean on existing leadership skills. Leaders today have to be focused, agile and always learning. Executive coaching by Courageous Impact is an innovation lab. You get the opportunity to step back from the trenches, see the big picture, assess what’s needed and develop fresh new solutions. This ability to iterate with a trusted ally is a key component of leadership at all levels, from family businesses to the most successful corporations in the world.[link to eric schmidt or bill gates]

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